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Is Allah Moon God or Jehovah?

introduction of Allah:- al=ahad(one),great ilah=God 

< al+ilah=Allah, Allah means one God,great God 
> so Allah order to say,"o jews & christains! we belive in the revealed unto us and revealed unto you.our Lord & your Lord is same who is one and unto him we have submitted as muslim. (Quran 29:46) 
> edward william lane Perfect explains "Allah"word in his dictionary.he says allah word which is written with disjunctive alif,meaning God,i.e the only true God [Source: Edward William lane,an Arabic-english Lexicon(london: william & Norgate,1863),under The Entry "Allah"] 
> Britinica Encyclopedia Article " Allah"says- The Name's Origin Canbe traced to the earliest semitic writings in which the word for God Was il or el,the latter being used in the hebrew bible(old testament). Allah is standard arabic word for God and is used by arabic- speaking christains and jews as well as by muslims regardless of their native tongue. 
> sadia gawon who is first translator in arab.she translated hebrew old testament to arabic,the 1st chapter,genesis mention God"Allah". 
> Famous Arabian Christain Scholar Michel Abdil Masih says"it is an unproven theory,so it may well be false. even if it turn out to be true,it has little bearing on the muslim faith since Muslims do not worship a moon god.that would be blasphemy in islamic teachings .if we use the moon god theory to discredit islam,we discredit the christain arabic speaking churches and missions throughout the middle east. this point should not be discounted lighty becuse the word "Allah"is found in millions of arabib bibles and other arabic christains materials.the moon-god theory confuses evangelism. when christains approch muslims,they do not know whether they need to convince them that ey worship the wrong deity ,or to present them the simple gospel message of our lord jesus christ.... as far as the moon symbol on the mosques or on the flags,the simple reason behind it is that islam depends on the moom for their religious calender(lunar calender)sepcially during the ramadan (month of fasting).islam forbids symbols or pictures of God (source: The Word Allah And Islam-arabic Bible Outrech Ministry) 
here in bible, Order to a new moon celebrations:- also at your times of rejocing- your appointed festivals and new mom feasts-you are to sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and followship offerings,and they will be a memorial for you before your God. i am the Lord your God [niv,numbers 10:10] Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink,or with regard to religious festival,a new moon celebratim or sabbath day [niv,colossians 2:16] 
> the scholer of jews rabbi mintz said muslim's LORD & jews's LORD is same who is one,trinity is false. vedio link- 
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jehovah is Allah.Come to see what is say the bible.
3.I am the LORD. Only I am, abraham,isaac and infornt of jacob would have expressed my self,they give me Elsday(God almighty) to use as call.My name Yahweh/jehovah but they didn't know
(exodus 6:3)
The main script of quran is arabic.The old testament's main script is hebrew and new testament's main script is may get hebrew and greek pronounciation bible  to follow below enter  redwritting link of this scholars explain every word and meaning of the bible.
Here Yahweh means eternal.
Following this verse,exodus 6:3,you version bible app kitabul mukaddas ADT-19 said"Usmi  Allah Al-Hayy"
meaning:Allah's name Al-Hayy.
Hayy means eternal which is translated of Yahweh.In arabic kitabul mukaddas AVD version said "Usmi Yahweh".here is using the hebrew word Yahweh in Arabic but not change.It is very interesting that hebrew and arabic word "usmi" is both words included in their dictionary.whose meaning "Name".In ADT-19 version the word Al means sacred,honored which is understand to the special one in arabic.Here Al-Hayy word is used in Quran as Shortly "Hayy-ul" which means eternal.In the Quran surah Bakarah 2:255 said"Allah hu hayy-ul"
which means Allah is eternal.
< Jehovah(yahweh)=Allah[Proved]
Allah order to say"O jews and christain,we belive in the revealed unto us and revealed unto you.Our lord and your lord is same who is one.and unto him we have submitted as Muslim(29:46)
O children of isreal!Remember which is my blessing,i take promise to you,be afraid only me(2:40)
O prophets!it is true you are same nation. I am your lord. So fear me those who multipley themselves that is what turns it on Happy with them.Forget them,let them stay in for a while(23:51-54)
The know their book and would change words of it(5:81-82,13-14) 
Bible: how do ye  say?we are wise and 
LORD'S law(torah) with us!Lo surely is falsly it hath wrough,the false pen of scribes(young literal version,jeremiah 8:8)
That is why the torah and injeel preverted by jews and christains about God and added insulting words.such as-ibnullah(son of God),bintullah(daughter of God) etc.The Quran refutes that has done in different verse.