Was the Prophet Jesus Christ(Pbuh) Really Sinnless According to Bible?

Answer :- Christian missionaries often say that everyone in the world is a sinner (including newborn babies).Only Jesus Christ is sinless. But if you read the Bible, you will know the opposite. According to Bible,Jesus was a great sinner.

(i) John the Baptist [Hazrat

Yahya (pbuh)] used to baptize in the Jordan River to give forgiveness for the sins of the

people.(Mark 1/4-5, Luke 3/3-4). Jesus was also baptized by John (Mark 1 / 9-10). That means Jesus was also a sinner.

(ii) When a man addressed Jesus as honest, Jesus threatened and protested, "Why are you calling me honest? No one is honest except God." (Mark 10/17-18,

Luke 18/18-19 ) That means Jesus was a dishonest person (sinner).

(iii) Jesus cried out in agony while on the cross, "God, God! Why are you abandoning me?" (Matthew 27/46) So Jesus was a great sinner who was abandoned by God. On the other hand, Allah nevera bandoned Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (Qur'an 93:3).

(iv) Jesus Christ is sinless is absolutely false according to bible. Because,he used to abuse people (Matthew 16/23, 23/13-33), 

(v)used to believe people of other races or religions to be pigs and dogs, and taught such communalism (Matthew 7/6; 15/22-28, Mark 7/25-29), 

(vi)used to call previous prophets thieves and robbers (John 10/7-8), 

(vii)used to curse innocent people Matthew 23/35-36),

(viii)used to kill without cause (Matthew 21/16-21, Mark 5/10-14; 11/12-22),

(ix)used to indiscriminately order unbelievers to be slaughtered before Him (Luke 19/27),

(x)used to make false promises and prophecies (Matthew 16/26-28: 19/28: Mark 2/25-26 ,11/23, 16/17-18: Luke 18/29-30, John 3/13), 

(xi)used to take wine (Luke 7/34-50, John 13/4-5), 

(xii)used to allow prostitutes to touch him and kiss him. (Luke 7/34-50, 8/1-3, John11 / 1-5). 

(xiii)He has done terrible

disrespect to his mother.One day his mother told him that they did not have wine.Then said Jesus unto her, "Hey Woman!" what have I to do with thee? (John 2/4) Thus he had repeatedly addressed his mother as "Hey Woman"(John 19/26); He used to refuse to meet her and despise her. (Matthew 12/46-50; Mark 3/31-35; Luke 8/ 19-21). If these are not sins,what is sin?

Author: Nabil khan Nebuda

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