Are Hajj rituals really taken from Arab pagans?

Translator :- Monwar Wazed

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory on able-bodied Muslims to perform Hajj at least once in their lives. Atheist-liberals, and especially Christian missionaries, complain about this important provision of Islam: the rituals of Hajj have nothing to do with Abraham (pbuh) or monotheism; Rather, they were borrowed from pagan idolaters in ancient Arabia. Seeing their allegations, many people are confused about Hajj.

Specifically, the Hajj rituals that anti-Islamists accuse of being "borrowed from pagans" are:

Rotate around the Ka'bah

Hazare Aswad or kissing the black stone ? Running on Safa-Marwa hill and throwing stones at Satan. Now we will try to analyze and refute the allegations In sha Allah Tawaf around the Ka'bah During Hajj and Umrah, Muslims perform Tawaf or go around the Ka'bah. This rotation is anti-clockwise. According to Christian missionaries and atheist-liberals, it is the custom of pagans to turn a building around. According to some of them, such as the Christian evangelist David Wood, the reason for this is the imitation of pagan rites by deifying the sun, moon and 5 planets. They make such bizarre allegations. But the thing is, even the most ignorant Muslim never has in his head during Hajj that he is worshiping the moon-sun or the planet. Or the Ka'bah is the idol or portrait of Allah (Naujubillah). An article on the website refutes anti-Islamic propaganda that combines worship of the Ka'bah with paganism.?[1] However, the question may now be, why do Muslims turn their backs on the Ka'bah during Hajj and Umrah? The answer is — this is the Sunnah method prescribed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). [2] Since the Prophet (pbuh) taught to perform Hajj in this way, Muslims also do this following the Prophet of Allah. No Muslim ever imitates a pagan nation, nor does a Muslim ever worship the moon and the sun (Naujubillah). The Qur'an clearly states the exact opposite, that is, it forbids the worship of the sun and the moon.

“Among His Signs are the day, the night, the sun and the moon.

Do not prostrate to the sun nor to the moon; Prostrate yourselves to Allah, Who created them, if you serve Him alone. " [3] Christian missionaries and atheist-liberals make false accusations by imposing the exact opposite of what is said in the Qur'an on Islam and Muslims. If the anti-Islamists then want to say, why did the ancient Arab pagans perform Tawaf if the Ka'bah was not a pagan worship?

In reply we will say: 100% of the work done by the Arab pagans was not wrong. They were the descendants of Abraham (peace be upon him) and Ishmael (peace be upon them). Their monotheistic religion was gradually distorted among their descendants. A few of these Abrahamic rites remained in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). [4] One of them is the circumambulation of the house of God.

The Qur'an says:

“And remember when We made the Ka'bah a meeting-place and a safe place for mankind, and (commanded) that you should take Ibrahim as a place of prayer in Makkah. And I commanded Abraham and Ishmael that you should sanctify My House for those who circumambulate it, those who perform itikaf and those who prostrate. ” [5] And remember when I appointed Ibrahim the place of that house (Baitullah, Ka'bah) and said, "Do not associate anyone with Me, and keep my house clean for the circumambulation, the prostration and the standing prayer." And announce the Hajj to the people; They will come to you on foot and on lean camels, crossing long distances. That they may appear in the places of their welfare, and that they may remember the name of Allah on certain days over the sustenance which He has provided for them. Then eat from it and feed the needy. Then let them purify themselves, fulfill their vows, and circumambulate the Ka'bah. " [6] That is, this circumambulation was a ritual prescribed by Allah from the time of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and Ishmael (peace be upon him). Among their descendants, various newly invented religious practices and paganism later spread. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) removed the new inventions and paganism from them and maintained the Abrahamic customs at the command of Allah. If the anti-Islamic people still want to say stubbornly that circumambulation around the house of God is not an Abrahamic ritual, then we will say, do you know the meaning of the word 'Hajj'? Arabic and Hebrew are both Semitic languages, called ‘Sister Languages’. The Arabic word ‘haj’ (حَجِّ) is an equivalent word in the Hebrew word hag / khag (חָג). Even in the dictionary section of the famous Bible website Biblehub, the Arabic word ‘Hajj’ (حَجِّ) is mentioned in the Quran to explain this Hebrew word. It is a term used in the Bible to refer to the Hajj of the nation of Israel. The Hebrew Language Detective website Balashon also mentions the word 'Hajj' (حَجِّ) in the Qur'an to explain the Hebrew word. [7] The root-word of this Hebrew word is חוג (खुग / हुग) which means "to make a circle" "Or" move in a circle "means to make a circle. This word has a relationship with twisting or turning. For this reason, the word חיוג (kheug / heug) derived from this root is used in the Hebrew telephone dial. [8] Therefore, the word ‘hug’, used in Hebrew to refer to the Jewish pilgrimage or Hajj, also literally means “twisting”. [9] We have been discussing the origin and meaning of the word for so long. Now we go back to the ancient history of the Children of Israel. [10] In the Children of Israel, Allah sent many Prophets and Messengers and at one time they were followers of the religion of the Prophets (although later they deviated from that true religion). The Jews regard the Holy Temple as their qibla. In 60 AD, the Second Temple of the Jews was destroyed. How did the ancient Jews perform their Hajj or pilgrimage before this? The ritual of Hajj for the Jews in Baitul Muqaddas is: to rotate the Baitul Muqaddas counterclockwise 6 times, just as Muslims circumambulate the Ka'bah 6 times! [11] The rules of their Hajj have been described. It has been said that on the main day of Hajj, the building of Baitul Muqaddas has to be turned 6 times. At the same time, one has to pray to God. [12] Christian missionaries and atheist-liberals call the Muslims' circumambulation 7 times during the Hajj a 'pagan' (!) Ritual, while their documents state that the ancient Jews performed the Hajj in the Holy Temple in the same way. Performing Hajj in this way is a provision of their scriptures. If the Muslim circumambulation of Hajj was a pagan ritual, then how can it be found to be similar to the ancient Jewish Hajj? Christian missionaries like David Wood deny that the 7 rounds of Muslims worship the moon, sun and planets, but why don't they make this accusation against the Jews? Why this double standard?

Opponents of Islam may be reluctant to say this: I understand that Muhammad (pbuh) must have copied the Hajj from the Jews; Many Jews lived in Medina. But the thing is, the Jews of Medina did not perform Hajj in the Holy Temple at all. Since the destruction of the Temple Mount by the Roman Emperor Titus in 60 AD, the Jews no longer perform the Hajj at the Temple Mount. Until 60 AD, Jews performed the Hajj by circumambulating the Holy Temple six times. [13] See Pic-1 

Source: “Divine Diversity: An Orthodox Rabbi Engages with Muslims” by Ben Abrahamson; page 44. Was it possible for Muhammad (pbuh) to imitate the customs of the Jews 500 years before his time? Or is it more reasonable to think that this provision is from God alone? The question is not raised for those who know how to think. In the New Testament part of the Bible, Jesus Christ upheld all the laws and regulations of the ancient prophets of Israel and claimed to have come to fulfill them. He told them to follow the teachings of the prophets. [14] We have seen that according to Jewish documents, the Hajj of the followers of the ancient prophets of Israel was much like the Hajj of the Muslims. I would like to ask the Christian missionaries who propagate the Islamic Hajj as 'pagan', did Jesus Christ also support 'paganism'? !!

Hazare Aswad or kissing the black stone? 

Christian missionaries and atheist-liberals make many complaints about kissing Hajr Aswad or black stone during Hajj. The allegations are not just lies; Also obscene.

First, they want to say, Hajre Aswad or black stone or portrait of women's vagina so that Muslims kiss (Naujubillah, Astagfirullah). This allegation has no basis at all. Anti-Islamists make this bizarre allegation by pointing to the shape of its silver-colored container in a picture of Hazre Aswad or black stone surface. A sect of Shiites looted Hajr Aswad from the Ka'bah in 318 AH, and was rescued 22 years later in 339 AH. Hajj was performed without Aswad during these 22 years. The Karamitas smashed the Aswad into pieces. [15] The shattered stone is joined together and placed inside a round container or frame. That is why we now see black stone or hazre aswad in the middle of a round silver frame. In fact, if we look at the picture of Aswad in full presence, then in no way can we find any similarity with the shape of the vagina of women (Naujubillah). See what is the full shape of Hazrat Aswad or black stone:

Source: ■ Orientalist William Muir's biography of Muhammad (ﷺ) "The life of Muhammad: from original sources", page 29

'Black Stone' (Wikipedia) see pic -2 

People kiss their child with love. Does this mean that man worships his child? If we look at the worship practices of any pagan ethnic groups, we find no resemblance to Muslims. Does a Catholic go to church and kiss the image of Mary or Jesus? Or does any Hindu ever kiss the idols of Goddess Durga, Saraswati, Kali during worship in the temple? Muslims never consider Hazrat Aswad as an idol or a portrait of Allah (Naujubillah), nor do they consider him to be the owner of good and evil, nor do they seek any help from him. Only as a Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) do Muslims kiss it during Hajj. But the things that the pagans worship are either idols of their gods or they pray to them for good. Therefore, it is very unreasonable to associate Hazrat Aswad with paganism.

It is narrated on the authority of 'Umar that he came to Hazrat Aswad and kissed him and said, "I know that you are only a stone, you cannot do good or harm to anyone." I would never have kissed you if I had not seen the Prophet (peace be upon him) kissing you. [16]

What is the source of Hazare Aswad? Why is it in the Kaaba?

According to some accounts, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) placed the Aswad Ka'bah in the place of Hajr and Ibrahim (peace be upon him) built the Ka'bah on that place. [17]

Interestingly, according to the Bible, a stone is involved in the founding of the Temple Mount (Qibla Baitul Muqaddas) of the nation of Israel according to the Bible! According to the Bible Jacob, the father of the nation of Israel, laid the foundation of the Temple on a special stone! Not only that, Jacob [Ya’qub (AS)] made the stone stand like a pillar and poured oil on it out of devotion! [18]

Christian missionaries question Aswad in the presence of the Ka'bah, while in their own scriptures they are completely silent about the fact that a stone is attached to the foundation of the Temple Mount. They also consider Jacob [Ya’qub (AS)] to be a prophet. Kissing in the presence of Muslims in Aswad becomes ‘pagan behavior’ to them, but pouring devotional oil on the stone of Temple Mount by Jacob is not paganism to them.

> Why this two-way behavior?

I have never seen even the atheist-free minds of Bengal to question this matter. But they are always vocal against Muslims.

On top of that stone (Hebrew: Even Ha-Shetiya) was the Temple Mount of the Prophets of Israel, and for thousands of years it was the qibla of the Jews. The stone is still there today. Inside the Baitul Muqaddas area in Palestine, there is now the Dome of the Rock Mosque with the golden dome. [19]

Christian missionaries mock the Hajj by calling Muslims stone worshipers (!) Or ‘meteor worshipers’, while the Bible itself says that God is a stone and in many places in the Bible “God-stone” is worshiped! Even the Bible says: "All praise is of stone" !!

Sounds incredible? Then see: Bible 2 --- 2 Samuel 22: 2-3, 22:48; Psalms 17: 2, 18:46, 19:14, 26: 1, 31: 2-3, 42: 9, 72: 2, 6, 71: 3, 92:15, 144: 1. In fact, throughout the Bible, “God of stone” has been praised so much that it is easy to find references. If you go to the search option in the PDF of the English Bible and search by typing ‘my rock’, you will often find a lot of adoration for “stone god” or just stone. Christian missionaries falsely accuse Muslims of being "stone worshipers" while their own scriptures are in a similar state.

Running on the Safa-Marwa hill and throwing stones at the devil

As discussed earlier, 100% of the work done by Arab pagans was not wrong. They were the descendants of Ibrahim (as) and Ishmael (as). Among their descendants, various newly invented religious practices and paganism later spread. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) removed the new inventions and paganism from them and maintained the Abrahamic customs at the command of Allah. Running in the mountains of Safa-Marwa and throwing stones at the devil these are also the Abrahamic rites  which Muhammad (pbuh) maintained. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) left his wife Hazra (peace be upon him) and infant son Ishmael (peace be upon him) in the desert of Arabia by the command of Allah and his mother Hazra (peace be upon him) went to Safa and Marwa mountains for the water of thirsty baby Ishmael (peace be upon him). Bar ran. [20] In addition, the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) threw stones at the devil who was giving the whisper to his son when he was going to sacrifice him. [21] He practiced taqwa, surrendered to Allah and accepted sacrifice. These deeds of theirs have been included in the formality of Hajj in the Shari'ah of Muhammad (pbuh) and have been made everlasting. There is no point in worshiping anyone but Allah. In the light of common sense, we can say that pagans never hated or threw stones at their idols. Or does he do the opposite, worship idols, and worship with flowers and other objects? The same goes for running in the Safa-Marwa hills. There is nothing in the minds of Muslims except obedience to the commandments of Allah.

Those who call the imitation of various ancient historical practices in the Hajj as 'paganism' do not have a clear idea of ​​either Ibrahim [Ibrahim's philosophy] or paganism in the Millat. Many prophets and messengers came before Muhammad (pbuh) and they too followed the religion of Ibrahim (pbuh) i.e. Islam. Many prophets and messengers came in the line of Israel, and the ancient Jews were followers of the prophets. Hajj was also a provision in their religion. Although their scriptures are distorted, they still contain some ancient rules. There are three Hajj provisions in their scriptures. [22] According to their scriptures, the provision of Hajj in the Shari'ah of the Children of Israel also contains instructions to imitate some ancient famous events. According to the Jewish scriptures, before Moses and Pharaoh left Egypt, the people of Israel sacrificed animals and made bread without leaven for food in a hurry. To commemorate this event, the Jews used to sacrifice animals and make unleavened bread during their Passover pilgrimage. To this day the Jews celebrate the Passover in this way. When Moses (pbuh) led the Children of Israel to the Temple, they spent the night in tents under the open sky in the desert for a long journey. In remembrance of that event, the Jews camped in small tents in the open wilderness on their Chag Sukkot or Sukkot pilgrimage. [23] If Muslims are pagan (!), Then Jesus Christ is also becoming pagan!

Christian missionaries are never seen calling these imitative acts ‘paganism’ in the Jewish pilgrimage, because then their own religion would be called into question. Because Jesus Christ Himself approved all these rituals. Even atheist-liberals are no longer seen questioning the biblical pilgrimage; As much as they object to the pilgrimage or Hajj of Muslims.

In conclusion, I would like to say that one of the pillars or foundations of the religion of Islam, the rituals of Hajj, do not have the slightest trace of paganism and are based on pure monotheistic Abrahamic rituals. Those who question the rituals of the Hajj have no solid basis for their claims without the application of ignorance and double standards.

“Say, Allah has spoken the truth; So follow the firm religion of Ibrahim, and he was not of the polytheists.

Surely the first house that is reserved for mankind is the house (Ka'ba) which is not in Bakka (Mecca); She is fortunate and a guide for all the world. There are clear signs in it (such as) Maqam Ibrahim (the place where Ibrahim stood). Anyone who enters it will be safe.

For the sake of Allah, the Hajj of that house is obligatory on the people who can reach it; And whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah is not in need of the worlds.

Say: O followers of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), why do you disbelieve in the communications of Allah? God is witness over what you do. ” [25]

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জিহাদ বলতে অমুসলিমরা সাধারণত "যুদ্ধ" বুঝে থাকে। খ্রিস্টান মিশনারীরা যখনই বিতর্কে হেরে যায়, তখনই আলোচনা ঘুরাতে ইসলামের জিহাদ নিয়ে মিথ্যাচার করা শুরু করে। আজ আমরা বাইবেলের আলোকে "যুদ্ধ" সম্পর্কে জানবো। যুদ্ধ নিয়ে বাইবেলে কী কিছু বলা আছে? বাইবেলের কিছু যুদ্ধের চিত্র আপনাদের সামনে তুলে ধরছি। ঈশ্বর নিজেকে, ঈশ্বর প্রমান করতে ১ লক্ষ ২৭ হাজার মানুষকে হত্যা করে: 23. রাজা বিন্হদদের রাজকর্মচারীরা তাঁকে বললেন, “ইস্রায়েলের দেবতারা আসলে পর্বতের দেবতা| আর আমরা পর্বতে গিয়ে যুদ্ধ করেছি তাই ইস্রায়েলের লোকরা জ....
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মারিয়া কিবতিয়া(রা.) রাসুল (সা.) এর স্বাধীন স্ত্রী নাকি যৌনদাসী? প্রথমেই বলে নিই, নাস্তিক্যধর্মাবলম্বীরা কথায় কথায় "যৌনদাসী" শব্দটা ব্যবহার করে থাকে যা কুরআন হাদিসের কোথাও নেই। কোনোকিছু ইসলামে না থাকলেও তা ইসলামের উপর চাপানো কতটুকু যুক্তিসঙ্গত? আসুন, জেনে নিই কে ছিলেন এই মারিয়া কিবতিয়া (রা.)? মহানবী (সা.)-এর চিঠি  "বিসমিল্লাহির রাহমানির রাহিম আল্লাহ্‌র বান্দা এবং রাসূল মুহাম্মদ এর পক্ষ থেকে কিব্‌ত প্রধান মুকাওকিসের প্রতি- সালাম তার উপর যে হিদায়াতের অনুসরণ করবে। অতঃপর আমি আপনাকে ইসলামের দাওয়াত দি....
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◾মহানবী মুহাম্মদ সা: তার ৬৩ বছর ৪ দিনের জীবনে মোট ১১টি বিবাহ করেন। রাসূল (সা.) এর ১১ জন স্ত্রীদের মধ্যে দশ জনই ছিলেন হয় বিধবা না হয় তালাক প্রাপ্তা। যথাক্রমে, ◾খাদিজা (রা:)। ◾সওদা বিনতে জামআ (রা:)। ◾আয়েশা বিনতে আবু বকর (রা:)। ◾হাফসা বিনতে ওমর (রা:)। ◾যয়নব বিনতে খোযায়মা (রা:)। ◾উম্মে সালমা হিন্দ বিনতে আবু উমাইয়া (রা:)। ◾যয়নব বিনতে জাহাশ ইবনে রিয়াব (রা:)। ◾যুয়াইরিয়া বিনতে হারেস (রা:)। ◾উম্মে হাবিবা বিনতে আবু সুফিয়ান (রা:)। ◾সাফিয়া বিনতে হুয়াই (রা:)। ◾মায়মুনা বিনতে হারেস (রা:)।  ◾খাদিজা (রা:) - মদি....
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